Don’t Believe the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)
about Open Source

Don’t be misled by misinformation and rumors about Open Source – or fall prey to the pitfalls of expensive proprietary solutions. Instead get the facts straight.

Today’s business and government leaders are increasingly turning to Open Source solutions in their datacenters, at the desktop level and on the Web.

Why? Free- or low-cost Open Source solutions equal speed, security and savings.

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Did You Know?

Open Source productivity tools can save 80 percent in licensing fees without sacrificing performance, functionality or security.  Learn more.

You can cut development costs and dramatically improve performance of your Web applications by using Open Source.  Learn more.

Open Source database tools can lower hardware expenditures and cut administration and support costs.  Learn more.

Why Open Source?

1. Lower Costs
2. No Vendor Lock-ins
3. Better Security
4. Reduced Procurement Time
5. Better Quality